Thursday, December 18, 2008

So we had this great and unusual snow and of course we had to check it Kathy and I took off for the hills ....what a ride just slipping and sliding up in the hills yah!.... the view was awesome ...what you are seeing is storm clouds at sunset.....just a little cold but just can't get enough of the riding ....grrrreat!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow!

Hey! Look what happened to us yah! SNOW...SNOW....SNOW..... We got 6" just too fun....take a first snow man!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

3 Little Girls at Gramma's House

How to make a gramma happy.

-Dress up in your prettiest outfit

-Stand in front of a Christmas tree

-Put on your BEST smile

-Take lots of pictures

-Find the best one and post it for everyone to see!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My adorable new Great Grandbabies

It has been a great year for us to have so many great grandchildren ( 6 so far). What a choice blessing it is to be here to witness these precious babies being born, to be able to play with them and see them grow......oh how I adore these sweet I guess this is Great Grandma's brag page! (more pictures to come)

Rosy cheeks Catherine 8 months old

Our wide eyed Eleanor

Our California big guy Wyatt
Sleepy Wyatt

Handsome Andrew

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in California

We had a wonderful trip to California to visit Sandi and Kens home in Temecula. It was great because all the grandkids were there also Kens parents and brother and best of all we got to see our newest great grandchild Wyatt (Tyson & Autumn new son)......he is soooooooo cute. Had a great dinner...... played games..... had lots of laughs. There is nothing better than being with family!

Dream trip to New York ....Statue of Liberty

I had a wonderful dream come true with my trip to Boston and New York City where I was able to go to Ellis Island where my parents come to this country in 1929. What a joy it was and very emotional. I am so grateful to them for their sacrifice and that I was able to grow up in this wonderful country...AMERICA!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I didn't know until just now that i can blog on this blog also. i thought only grandma and grandpa could. SURPRISE! well we had a fun halloween. center street here in provo does trick or treating on halloween during the day so kids dont' have to do it night and also so that businesses can advertise so people know what's around. we took riley up center street but we didn't make it back down because once we saw the pet store that is all riley wanted to do. who cares about candy when you can go look at turtles and fish!!! it was good fun though. now we are busy getting holiday work done so we can just enjoy the holidays. that's all for now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Time

Yes, there was a bike ride at the family reunion and we did stop to play at the playground. Everyone had a great time riding the bikes. One event that suprised everyone was McKenzie being chased by a moose, yep, a moose. We even had a repair crew following up with parts and pieces, but nothing could fix Jasons died, twice. We all ate lunch at the Hogie Yogie. Yummy! What a beautiful day it was. Then there was swimming at the pool and dinner and games after that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey everyone.

Thanks for the info about the blog, I am glad that I already have a blogspot so I can contribute. I am excited to see you all this Thursday for the family reunion. I hope you all get to Utah safely.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Welcome to the Peterson Family Blogspot. This spot is being set up for Gary & Joan. We hope many of you will connect and correspont through this site.

Kathy & Bruce

Kathy and Bruce live in Arizona. Two of our kids life here also. Randy & Carrie have 3 kids, Melissa & Stephen have 1 kid and Tami & Micah have 2 kids. We love being grandparents.
Bruce has his own business, a redi-mix plant and a septic installation business. Kathy does the books and Randy and Brian work for their dad. Grandpa Gary does the MSHA certification for us. We love our vacation town. It is small, no fast food here, but close to the things we love to do.

Joe & Trina

Joe and Trina live in Northern Idaho, where Joe is currently serving as Bishop. Trina works with many community projects. They have 4 kids. Gary is married and has one child. The girls are all attending college.

br-Emily, Gary, Trina fr-Julie, Joe, Jaime

Sandi & Ken

Sandi & Ken live in Southern California. She works in the billing department at a hospital. Ken is helping Tyson with his contracting company. Tyson, Morgan, Holli, and Cassandra are married, and Mckenzie still lives at home. They have 3 grandkids,and three on the way.

br-Holli, Ken, Sandi, Morgan fr-Autumn holding Hunter, Tyson, Cassandra and McKenzie

John & Wendy

John and Wendy live in American Fork, Utah. Johnny is in College and just got married, Jason is on his mission in Switzerland. Josh is about ready to leave for Brazil. Danielle, Nathan, and Tiffany are busy going to school.

Dani, Josh, Wendy, John, Tiffany, Johnny, Nathan, Josh (clockwise)