Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mighty Colorado!

Here is the might Colorado looks real peaceful and calm....
New here is one of the rafts then Indians use on their river trips ....they would take them all the way to the lake and pull then out at our boat launch at South Cove....And here is the new launch the Indians had made so they could pull out there rafts here instead of the the reason they made this new launch is because in one little spot the river became too mighty and they had lots of trouble getting past the rapids that developed because the water level became to low.
So Melissa & Stephen and company took a hike up the river to see the rapids that was causing all this trouble and wow we could see why...awesome!
I would not want to be on the raft going through this....the top right was not quite so rough but still pretty scarey!
The left side was the worst...if you look right in front of the white water you can see the big whirlpool would really have to row hard to miss it....the water was fierce!
Lots of big boulders.... the water made so much noise we could hear long before we got was a wonderful hike and a wonderful witness of nature.....wonderful day ....wonderful hike.....thank you God for the beauties of the earth!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful day in the neighborhood!

So being Monday and suffering from depression etc. Kathy, Melissa, Crystal and myself went to lunch at our local little cafe and had wonderful Quiche and salad. Then we decided to take a drive to the was one of those ahhhh days....It was warm oh how good the sun felt and there was not a ripple on the could hardly tell where the water and the land came together....thank you God for such a beautiful Spring just around the corner????hope so!

Kathy & Bruce

Kathy and Bruce live in Arizona. Two of our kids life here also. Randy & Carrie have 3 kids, Melissa & Stephen have 1 kid and Tami & Micah have 2 kids. We love being grandparents.
Bruce has his own business, a redi-mix plant and a septic installation business. Kathy does the books and Randy and Brian work for their dad. Grandpa Gary does the MSHA certification for us. We love our vacation town. It is small, no fast food here, but close to the things we love to do.

Joe & Trina

Joe and Trina live in Northern Idaho, where Joe is currently serving as Bishop. Trina works with many community projects. They have 4 kids. Gary is married and has one child. The girls are all attending college.

br-Emily, Gary, Trina fr-Julie, Joe, Jaime

Sandi & Ken

Sandi & Ken live in Southern California. She works in the billing department at a hospital. Ken is helping Tyson with his contracting company. Tyson, Morgan, Holli, and Cassandra are married, and Mckenzie still lives at home. They have 3 grandkids,and three on the way.

br-Holli, Ken, Sandi, Morgan fr-Autumn holding Hunter, Tyson, Cassandra and McKenzie

John & Wendy

John and Wendy live in American Fork, Utah. Johnny is in College and just got married, Jason is on his mission in Switzerland. Josh is about ready to leave for Brazil. Danielle, Nathan, and Tiffany are busy going to school.

Dani, Josh, Wendy, John, Tiffany, Johnny, Nathan, Josh (clockwise)