Thursday, December 30, 2010


So just as I was going to bed last night I was turning off the lights and locking up I looked outside to check the temperature and lo and behold it was snowing.....we got an inch in just a half an of course I watched for awhile cause I love to watch it snow....finally I went to bed with over two inches on the ground.....usually when it snows in Meadview it melts pretty quick but this morning it was still there....beautiful!
Now here is someting interesting these animal footprints were by my back door then when back up the hill... it is an animal paw about three to four inches....what I suspect it was probably our bobcat that we see once in awhile coming thru the!

Believe it or not it is really pretty in the desert when it snows....the down side is you sure wouldn't want to go sleding here lol!

So this is our big adventure for the day....Kathy was driving a bus load for work and couldn't get through had to turn around and go back to Vegas...roads icy....buses slid off the road...roads closed for pretty much the day....ah yes a day of snow in the desert.....good is doesn't happen often!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


So here is the story.....I had a paper route and Santa was one of the carriers that I used to see every night....during the holidays he would come in every night dressed like Santa....I told him we could use him on Christmas Eve because all my family was coming for Christmas.....Well much to my surprise he drove up in his RED PICKUP the kids were all in the family room and Holly saw him and just squeeled over and over again "It's Santa"....the kids were so excited they asked him many questions, gave him cookies and milk, tugged at his beard (which was real) told him what gifts they wanted and of course gave him lots of hugs......At Christmas time it is so fun to reflect on times past and remember the special times in our lives....this was for sure one of many special times......there is nothing like a child really believing in Santa....Christmas after all is about loving and giving and being happy......It is wonderful when shared with those you love and remembering the one whose Love this is all about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.....Merry Christmas family may his atoning Love be with you today and through the coming year....Love to you all!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okay so here is the story.....Grandpa's Uncle Paul Peterson had a daughter named Debbie she is 5 years older than Kathy....when they were young we would gather at the Peterson home and Uncle Paul and wife Claudine and daughter would be there....when Grandma Peterson died we lost contact with them and Debbie got on and found us....we have not seen her since she was a child ....about 50 years....she lives in England with her husband....has a daughter in Nebraska....well she flew out to Las Vegas and spent the day with us.....what a wonderful time we had with her...and yah she is a Peterson! ....she has done extensive genealogy on the Peterson line absolutely fantastic .....we also shared some great picture of the greats....just can't say enough how much we loved having her with us again!
Kathy also worked really hard finding what genealogy she could so we could colaborate the two so that was really fun....we also came up with another Peterson name that is working now on one of our lines so we e-mailed her and we heard from her and connected her to us...just too exciting....when Kathy and Debbie were young everyone always said they looked so much alike so here they are now...............

and here they are kids..........what do you think?

Well family I hope you have really enjoyed this blog because what has occured here is some wonderful things.....wonderful love .....and genealogy on the move.....thanks to Debbie for all of these ....we are looking forward to her return which might be next family welcome a long lost relative!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So here is the story....I went up to Burley, Id and spent the weekend with some very dear friends....we have always spent our birthdays together because we all have b-days in October, however we haven't been together in years so this was really an occasion .....shared a lot of memories and of course laughed most of the weekend....great start for my birthday!

So now on my actual birthday Kathy took us up to the Stratosphere Tower for dinner....of my gosh what a awesome view....had a window table awesome.....the tower takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to make a complete turn so we kept looking at different sites couldn't find the temple.
Dad and I waiting for dinner....took a long time....they didn't want you to miss any sites! While we were waiting the moon came up....oh it was so pretty we couldn't get the picture to come out though.
After dinner we went outside it was cold and windy but still beautiful.
Had to put the Grandpa in a wheel chair and we had a great pusher.....Bruce! thank you Bruce good job!
Here's the know what I always say "were making a memory" well we certainly did and I can only say Thank you sweet daughter for the wonderful memory you gave us....It was wonderful love you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So here is our newest member of the family....yes handsome Landon David....we were able to be here in Utah to be a part of his is so neat to have great grand children and to have them get to know us....doesn't get better than that! We love you Landon!
So here is our new boy got to hold him in church and rock him to sleep....sweet!
And of course got to have that 3 generation picture nice smile boys!
Proud dad with the old folks.....good job Gary!
There was so much going on and so much excitement some of us just couldn't handle it all zzz
Okay so here are the men of the hour....the proud Dad and the MISSIONARY...hey is not quite as tall as the dad wow Dad still rules....good job today Josh!
Yeah another generation picture gotta have them you know for posterity right!
And of course the old folks again gotta have those too! love you Josh!
Last the loving sisters....going to miss him huh girls.....

So family it was a great day ...Landon David Peterson was blessed and Josh gave his farewell and blessed we are to have these events take place and I know as a family we will all wish Josh a wonderful and successful mission.....and a big welcome hug for blessings.... doesn't get better than that!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Okay so Autumn covered most of the pictures for the week end so I won't try to put the same ones so what I am going to do is share some thoughts.

So here is the story.....I have had so many good years skiing and now I can't do it so it is really hard to watch everyone doing what I love so much..I really miss the rush of a good ski on nice glassy water....but oh well memories will have to here is what I do now I have my nifty wave runner not quite the same rush but lots of fun.

So what does one do when not on the toys .....we swim and stay cool!
Or you might just jump on the toy and go see what the young folks are doing......
Yah it's Melissa learning to wake board go Melissa!
And then there is Kenzie doing a good job.....and yes it is fun to ride along and and scare them and have fun with the wake......
Here is the parting shot.....Autumn took this one I just love it....nothing finer than fishing with Grandpa....Hunter was really excited to catch this is what it is all about's about family being together and having fun and making memories....doesn't get better than that. Love you guys it was a great weekend!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New member of the family....yah Johnny's wedding!

Here is the building where we were is a wedding manor really beautiful with lots of tropicals, waterfalls, nice patio.....really pretty!
This is where the ceremony took place....Shayla came down the stairs really a beautiful bride.
Wedding cake really pretty however I pigged out on the pastries yummy!
Now this is one of the most interesting features of the wedding.....people that came put their cards in the bird cage which probably had money gifts in here is the interesting part....a women came in and signed the register then went to the bird cage and took out all the cards and put them in her purse and walked out! Fortunately someone noticed her and they ran out and caught her and called the she ended up in the own personal bird cage...JAIL....good thing she was caught because there was a sizeable amount of money that our new couple would have lost!
Here is Mr. & Mrs John Daniel Peterson Jr. Very happy couple!
And here is none other than the proud parents you know the ones that have to pick up the tab!lol
This one I couldn't resist....this stole the show she was so beautiful don't you agree!
and of course the old folks aaahhhh!
We were served dinner....boy was it good and dessert was even better we all went on a sugar high! Sure won't tell my doctor.
And always when there is a gathering we have to have the sibling picture ! another aaahhhh!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jasper can swim......yah!

Okay so here is the story......Randy and Carrie went to California and left Melissa and me in charge of good ole Jasper.....well Jasper leads a kinda sheltered life so we thought it would be cool to introduce him to the lake and a good swim so we loaded him in the truck and headed for the lake......well he has never ridden in the back of a pickup so I sat with gosh I felt like an Indian lol....he was nervous but did fine sucking up his drooling etc. then he got a little more nervous and peed....oh well he was on the other side so I was safe lol....anyway when we got to the water he LOVED IT! he followed me in and just took off then he would go to shore and come back in again

Catherine and Melissa we out in the deep water and he kept going out to them ....we think Jasper was checking on Catherine to make sure she was safe......good Jasper
We finally just took off his leash and let him go....good dog ....hehad a ball....we will do this again I'm sure.......right Jasper? wooof woooof (he said yes) good day was had by all.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holiday weekend! No fuss!

Okay so on these kind of weekends we locals don't mess much with the big stuff (boats etc)so Granddaughter Melissa and Grandpa and of course myself packed lunch and sat down by the water and watched all the crazies come and go(smile) Just a nice relaxing day, lots to laugh at and a real good swim. Doesn't get better than that.
Melissa and sweet little Catherine....she is really a little fish!
Grandma having fun with the little fish....hard to believe she was once such a little girl....our miracle preemie....she is really a very busy 2 year old now. fun fun fun!
Okay so hope all you guys have a good weekend with lots of fun and of course always remember why the holiday and all those who gave their lives so we can be free.....we live in the greatest country in the world!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Spring...were blooming! yah!

Okay so here is the story....we know for sure that spring is here when we start seen these yellow flowers along the road ....they line the hiway going into town it is really neat they and in bushes on both sides of the road just always asks are they poppies! lol
Also all the hills around us have these bushes full of yellow flowers and you will also see bushes of tiny orange ones....the bloom for quite some
Then mixed in with that you get some coral looking stuff that is all bushy but yet it is pretty when you see bunches of it.....
My favorite of all is the cactus that just gets tons of buds on them and blooms these really bright pink flowers that are really gorgeous they are all over
So you see God loves the desert too because he has really put some very pretty things out we don't have grass and lots of trees but I am planting them and maybe one day there will be all starts with one at a time...just like life if you want to accomplish great things you can and it just might start with a small effort a little at a time ! Love you all

Kathy & Bruce

Kathy and Bruce live in Arizona. Two of our kids life here also. Randy & Carrie have 3 kids, Melissa & Stephen have 1 kid and Tami & Micah have 2 kids. We love being grandparents.
Bruce has his own business, a redi-mix plant and a septic installation business. Kathy does the books and Randy and Brian work for their dad. Grandpa Gary does the MSHA certification for us. We love our vacation town. It is small, no fast food here, but close to the things we love to do.

Joe & Trina

Joe and Trina live in Northern Idaho, where Joe is currently serving as Bishop. Trina works with many community projects. They have 4 kids. Gary is married and has one child. The girls are all attending college.

br-Emily, Gary, Trina fr-Julie, Joe, Jaime

Sandi & Ken

Sandi & Ken live in Southern California. She works in the billing department at a hospital. Ken is helping Tyson with his contracting company. Tyson, Morgan, Holli, and Cassandra are married, and Mckenzie still lives at home. They have 3 grandkids,and three on the way.

br-Holli, Ken, Sandi, Morgan fr-Autumn holding Hunter, Tyson, Cassandra and McKenzie

John & Wendy

John and Wendy live in American Fork, Utah. Johnny is in College and just got married, Jason is on his mission in Switzerland. Josh is about ready to leave for Brazil. Danielle, Nathan, and Tiffany are busy going to school.

Dani, Josh, Wendy, John, Tiffany, Johnny, Nathan, Josh (clockwise)