Monday, July 25, 2011

What to do on a hot day!

Okay so we had a nice family day out on the lake....we took the party boat and the ski boat (for the tough ones) it was a perfect day lots of nice water....good swimming and lots of fun with the little ones...Randy & Carrie and kids....Brian...Melissa & Stephen and Catherine....and our special guest Cassandra & little Carlisle.....what fun to finally met our little Great Grandson...and WOW Kathy had the day off and could join us Yeah!...also had Kathy & Melissa's friend Julie and daughter GiGi....great day!

Swimming was wonderful the water is just the right temperature really refreshing!
While cruising around all the little ones took their nap....couldn't believe we had four all go down at once! Andrew, Carlisle, Cambria, Catherine.....sleep sweet babies while we have a quite rest lol

So here is our laughing Carlisle.....what a fun little guy he is....just smiles all the loved holding him!

So fun to have Cassandra spend a few days with us....come again !
Last our darling little Cambria she didn't pick up on the Carlisle thing you know smile all the time....we don't see her too much now so she was a little unhappy.....we love her anyway!
So a good day was had by all....nothing like a day on the lake!!

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Sandi Wells said...

Looks fun. Wish we could have been there too. But we were in IDAHO!!! Maybe Labor Day, or some random weekend.

Kathy & Bruce

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Bruce has his own business, a redi-mix plant and a septic installation business. Kathy does the books and Randy and Brian work for their dad. Grandpa Gary does the MSHA certification for us. We love our vacation town. It is small, no fast food here, but close to the things we love to do.

Joe & Trina

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